Code of Conduct

Thursday Night Sales (TNS) is a sales-focused Happy Hour hosted by Amy Volas and Scott Leese. The purpose of TNS is to create a community where everyone is welcome to ask questions, meet and network with a variety of other people to discuss ideas, and have FUN together. Scott and Amy answer questions from participants that are business/work related.

1) Be Respectful: This is a community of individuals with differing opinions. While we may not always agree, we will always respect each other. We will not personally attack, threaten, or harass any group or individual during Thursday Night Sales or at any other time or on any other platform or forum. It won’t be tolerated. Period.

2) Not Therapy: The hosts are not licensed therapists. While they strive to help wherever they can, they do not have all the answers. If you are struggling with things not related to the business of selling, it's OK to ask for help, and we strongly encourage you to seek assistance from licensed and professionally trained counselors.

3) Communicate Effectively: Be specific and clear when asking questions so we can all benefit from hearing more topics in the limited time we have together.  Like anything, what you put into this group is what you get out of it.

4) Photography: Occasionally, we take group pictures of our attendees and post publicly on LinkedIn to invite others to join in the fun. Should this be a concern for you, please disable your camera while in Thursday Night Sales.

5) No Recording: Just like any happy hour, no one wants to worry about someone recording what’s being said or discussed. We don’t do it - You don’t do it.

6) Don't Misuse the Brand: Any event, call, meetup, video, etc. that doesn’t include Amy Volas or Scott Leese is not part of Thursday Night Sales, isn’t endorsed by Thursday Night Sales, and Thursday Night Sales isn’t responsible for what happens outside of our time together.

Failure to follow these simple rules will result in you being removed from the event and blocked from joining future events.

Thanks you for helping us build a strong and respectful community.

- Amy & Scott